What You’ll Do:

Fun, nature, and guided discovery are medicine for the mind, body, and spirit. So many of us have the problem of treating ourselves and our body like a soldier. We don’t listen when it’s speaking to us. And sometimes it screams. When we don’t listen we descend into a life of lies, pressure, slavery and we allow deep assault on our spirit. You tell ourselves “I’ll take care of myself when ___ …” And sometimes when never comes. In the valley of darkness where do we find relief? Is it addiction, isolation, endless scrolling, pushing ourselves to be better and better without caring for the bodies and souls that hold us up? Where is the hope in all that? The call to adventure and healing is clear and loud – come and see a better way forward. See what the ascent to healing can be for you as we hike in and out, invite the Healer in, get quiet, and listen to the teaching of God and His creation. We walk together, as safe brothers and sisters, and as we release prison bonds, we most certainly experience joy, gain clarity, and discover.

As the guide of this spearhead experience, Kaleigh (a nationally certified trauma therapist with 10+ years professional and 30+ years personal experience), nature, and our Creator meet you right in the valley of darkness and guide you to a place of greater relationship with yourself. We climb the ascent of freedom with others. Come play, heal, and grow! This is the experience of healing with Shine His Light.

What to Expect:

Planned Agenda: Meet up, introductions, group stretch. Start the hike adventure! Let’s laugh, move, and discover with ease! Hang-out-at-the-top discussion and seated activity (feel free to enjoy a snack because food is delicious). We’ll hike back and finish our hiking adventure saying goodbyes for now.

Move through it. Let your inner self play. Feel free. There is much to discover…

Register now: azbrokenarrow.com/register

Arrive 15 minutes early to park, use the restroom, and get acquainted. Arriving on-time is essential. Meet at a predetermined location near the east valley. Location, details, and more provided after you register.

Gentle and tougher hikes available

**All faith’s and non-faith’s welcome.

$250 (4 hours); $450 (8 hours)

*At Broken Arrow Wranglers and Shine His Light, we believe all people regardless of finances should be able to access this experience and healing. Ask us about our scholarship fund! No one gets left behind.

About Your Host

Kaleigh Rogers, LCSW, CCTP is a spirit-filled traumatic stress expert with 10+ years in the behavioral health field in all levels of care. Kaleigh is a spearhead, visionary, healer, dedicated to bringing healing to all. She designs holistic healing experiences that offer freedom, hope, and connection. She lives life with a big smile and passion to serve, especially those society leaves as last or least. She needs you to know are loved and you matter here. Learn more at azbrokenarrow.com/shinehislight