What You’ll Do: 

Uniquely designed FOR YOU! Come together in a sacred space held for 10 deep-seeking and healing women. Founded by a nationally certified trauma therapist with 10+ years of professional experience healing traumatic stress and who herself has walked through the valley of shadow of darkness, this 1 day Hope, Healing, and Hallelujah retreat will IGNITE HOPE! Ease your spirit. Calm your body. And bring a smile to your soul. 

Peace. Clarity. Direction. Connection. Community. Love. Healing. Laugher. Emotional freedom. Purpose. Life. Come be nourished with us!


What to Expect:

Four healing experiences, a yummy lunch, water, journals, hand-crafted take home swag bags, all art / music materials needed, and especially loving hearts ready to embrace you in a huge hug!

Chapter 1: Experience and explore how nature offers wisdom on
healing, resilience, interconnectedness, and purpose. Led by three
women healers, this experiential activity and discussion welcomes the
healing power of nature, movement, self-discovery, and self expression.

Chapter 2: Experience the transformative power of healing as a horse
confronts its deepest fears, guided by the unwavering kindness and
consistency of an equine specialist. This is a truly magical experience
that defies words. Trust slowly takes root, fear gradually recedes, and
a profound bond forms between horse and human. Led by a therapist
and equine specialist.

Chapter 3: Painting your masterpiece with horses! Led by an art
aficionado and woman healer along with beautiful music by a
classically trained harpist, paint your own masterpiece while three
healing horses ground the space and offer their stories of hope.

Chapter 4: Music of the soul. What will be created with free hands
strumming the harp? Led by a classically trained harpist, medical
musician, nationally certified therapeutic musician, experience what
freedom through music can offer.

What’s included:

**all materials provided including lunch, snacks, water, a hand-crafted gift & swag bag*

2/22/2024, 930am-530pm
30817 N. 144th St., Scottsdale, AZ 85262
*all faith’s and non-faith’s welcome; we do offer supportive prayer during the day*

Phone Number :480-414-3916

$450, Scholarships available – no one gets left behind

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About Your Host

Penelope “Penny” Weber is a director of a memory care program for seniors and masterfully utilizes the arts to help others heal. She is a passionate animal lover, advocate for others, and  artist. She has a gift of bringing the arts to those seeking self-discovery, healing, and hope. 


Jocelyn Obermeyer is a classically trained harpist, medical musician, and nationally certified therapeutic musician. She utilizes her gifts to help others experience what healing and freedom through music can offer. She is also a beautiful spiritual leader as a deaconess for Christ Anglican Church. 


Rob Boyle is a 24+ year veteran with a gift for helping people and horses heal. Rob developed an empathy-based equine therapy model that offers the transformative power of a horse healing from trauma, anxiety, and more. He hosts these healing retreats at Rite of Passage Therapy Center in Scottsdale, AZ. 


Kaleigh Rogers, LCSW, CCTP is a spirit-filled traumatic stress expert with 10+ years in the behavioral health field in all levels of care. She designed healing experiences that offer emotional freedom, hope, and connection. She lives life with a big smile and passion to serve, especially those society leaves as last or least.


“Jocelyn is a true gift! I feel welcomed, loved, and encouraged every time I am in her presence.” “Penny no doubt has a heart for people. She has vibrant passion that radiates!” “Rite of Passage is a place for healing and triumph. Rob and Kaleigh are a team of human counselors that bring horses to people that need their wisdom and vulnerability to discover their own paths to wellness… they helped us become more whole.”