Witness the transformative power of healing as a horse confronts its deepest fears, guided by the unwavering kindness and consistency of an equine specialist.  This is a truly magical experience that defies words. In this extraordinary journey, you and the group will see trust slowly take root, fear gradually recede, and a profound bond form between horse and human. It’s a testament to the remarkable healing potential of compassion and patience.  This is done in a group setting where a therapist will engage the group to draw out each individual’s experience that arises as the honesty of the horse stirs our courage to face our inner fears and overcome.

What’s included:

$750 includes all 6 weeks, our equine healer Rob, trauma therapist Kaleigh, and one of our horses. 

Act fast! Next round-up group series starts Monday 2/19/24!

6 weeks, Mondays, 10am-12pm
Dates: 2/19, 2/26, 3/4, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25

Rite of Passage Equine Therapy: 30817 N. 144th St., Scottsdale, AZ 85262

At Broken Arrow Wranglers and Rite of Passage Therapy, we believe all people regardless of finances should be able to access this experience and healing. We have partnered with the HOPE Foundation to support those in need of funding support. Contact Kaleigh for more info. 

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About Your Hosts

Rob Boyle, Founder & Program Developer of Rite of Passage
Rob is a 24+ year veteran with a passion for helping people and horses. This Texas gentleman moved to Arizona in 2018 to pursue his dream of reaching people and animals who need help. Rob is a proud disabled veteran and retired military (24 years). He is originally from Texas and lived in many places throughout the US and a tour in the Middle East. After his retirement he attended Roger Williams University in New England to study psychology where he focused on research for anxiety disorders using horses with anxiety disorders. During and after this time he developed a model that dramatically improves the limitations of current equine assisted therapies and the small numbers a facility can accommodate. His model addresses needed empirical research for the entire industry of equine assisted psychotherapies. This model will also accommodate the global community of therapists and the people they serve. Rob is a lifelong Horseman and student of horse and human behavior. In Rob’s spare time he enjoys riding horses, playing golf, hiking, fishing, and the great outdoors.
Kaleigh Rogers, LCSW, MPA, BCTMH, CCTP
Shine His Light LLC Founder & Rite of Passage Therapist
Kaleigh is a nationally certified trauma therapist, holds her independent license, is a AZBBHE certified supervisor of associate level therapists, and obtained two master’s degrees from ASU (MSW and MPA). She is a builder and healer – spearheading the creation of supportive spaces for people to heal, grow, and shine like the incredible people they are (yes that’s you too!). Kaleigh is strong and wise, yet it is her heart that offers sacred space where people can truly be seen and heard. She certainly lives life with a big smile, humor, compassion, and a fire to serve. Kaleigh herself has walked through the fire of life’s trauma. She’s been on the other side of healing and as healer. She knows what’s it like to be wracked with anxiety, PTSD, and insecurity, uncertain of her own unique gifts and talents. That’s why Kaleigh has allied with Rite of Passage and created Shine His Light LLC, a place dedicated to offer emotional freedom, healing, and self-discovery connecting people to a broader community of support. Using the 10+ years of professional experience, and 30+ years of personal experience, she developed Shine His Light to be a place for the lost and hurting. In her spare time, Kaleigh loves nature and enjoys all of the Arizona seasons. You can find her hiking, biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, skating, and being close with God. She is a part of her church community, Bible study, family support system, as well as professional and personal friendships along with a dedication to rescuing feral cats. Kaleigh is a West Virginia native where her roots go back generations. Arizona has been her home for the last 25+ years and her appreciation for the beauty of the desert continues to grow.

The Journey of Rite of Passage

Many of the horses we work with are unable to be handled by people due to previous experiences (abuse, neglect) or stressful life events that led to challenging temperaments. These horses have developed limiting coping mechanisms leaving them stressed out, anxious, and alone. Some fight back with the world, others run from it, and still others hide out alone. Without healing, some of these horses will lead a life in the stall as opposed to living a life of freedom in purpose and relationship with their handlers. When you join us at Rite of Passage Therapy, you will be welcomed into witnessing and participating in the healing journey of a horse all while you heal alongside of the horse.

Because our ask of these horses is to develop trust, safety, and attuned relationships with people, Rite of Passage Therapy is designed as a group experience. People that seek us out are people also searching for hope, healing, and direction just like these horses. For six weeks, laughter, smiles, self-discovery, encouragement, and restoration are in abundance. If your shy and quiet or adventurous and outgoing, there is a place for you here. All are welcome. All we ask is that you endeavor to show up as your authentic self and keep your eyes, and heart, open for all that can come from a once-in-a-lifetime experience like this.

In this unique therapy partnership, lifelong horseman Rob provides the equine healing and human healer Kaleigh provides the therapy – each working together to guide people and horses in their healing journeys. Both Rob and Kaleigh have walked a personal path of healing from debilitating PTSD and anxiety and welcome all experiences. Come heal and hang with us!


“The experience with Rite of Passage these past 6 weeks was life changing. Getting to watch the mustang Boone step up to his fear and make progress was inspiring. Amazing how much it brings up emotion and things we can relate to by observing this horse’s honesty. Getting to hear others open up and be vulnerable about their story was enlightening. I felt a great sense of hope and encouragement throughout the process. After 6 weeks of this experience I don’t want it to end - this environment and these relationships are what is needed for true healing. Grateful for Rob, Kaleigh, Brandon and Boone for everything they give to bring this healing. Hearing everyone speak and open up and share was amazing. Truly building community. So grateful - beyond words!!

Sean M.

“Rite of Passage is place for healing and triumph. Rob and Kaleigh are a team of human counselors that bring horses to people that need their wisdom and vulnerability to discover their own paths to wellness. My group’s therapy horse was Boone. His journey to unlearn his mistrust and move toward having a relationship with humans gave each of us something different that we needed. Every session we felt closer to each other and left with new knowledge about ourselves. The connection between humans and horses is powerful and primal. Rite of Passage, Rob, Kaleigh, and Boone have given me back a piece of myself and I’ll always remember Boone and his honest conversations with us. They helped us to become more whole.”

Joyce K.

When I was 7 years old, our family experienced the unthinkable. My older brother died in a motorcycle accident, and we were unprepared for the many ways that would affect us. Fast forward 37 years, I had no idea how much that event would affect me emotionally and mentally or how fear would creep in subconsciously over the decades, impacting my ways of being on so many levels I did not know otherwise. I could not see its ripple effect on those around me until about 4 months ago. Over the years, I have done reiki, emotion code, yoga, hypnotherapy, and many other modalities to help me process the sadness and some of the grief. About two years ago, in some talk therapy sessions, how this event impacted my communication became known. This was just the tip of the iceberg. Last year my husband and I were seeking solutions to help our youngest daughter work through and process heavy emotions from recovering from a concussion that changed her life significantly for six months. My husband found equine therapy, and we decided to try it. I took her to 3 sessions, which impacted us both, and grateful for the healing that happened for my daughter. But in the 3rd session, little did I know what would happen within myself. I had such HUGE hahas that it busted the iceberg wide open. I knew I needed more, so I signed up for a group 6-week session. It is hard to explain precisely how this works, but I was able to unpack more about my operating systems, behaviors, and habits in the six weeks of group equine sessions than in years of talk therapy. I am beyond grateful for what I learned about myself and the healing from the group equine sessions. I am thankful for the relationships and support I gained in this experience. I highly recommend working with Broken Arrow Ranch, Rob Boyle, and Kaleigh Rogers.

Teresa P.