Come kayak with a group of people seeking healing and joy! This a group experience where laughter, smiles, mild exhilarating rapids, majestic mountains, moving water, group healing, and wild horses are invited in! As the guide of this spearhead experience, Kaleigh (a nationally certified trauma therapist with 10+ years professional and 30+ years personal experience), nature, and our Creator meet you right in the valley of darkness and guide you to a place of greater relationship with yourself. We teach you how to experience nature as a retreat where you can hear your true self and His voice more clearly. Creation breathes into us and speaks, and as it does, we connect to our body in a way that allows the body to heal as it was designed to do. We don’t do this alone thus our outdoor adventures are designed as a group experience. We climb the ascent of freedom with others. This is the experience of healing with Shine His Light.


Fun, nature, and guided discovery are medicine for the mind, body, and spirit. So many of us have the problem of treating ourselves and our body like a soldier. We don’t listen when it’s speaking to us. And sometimes it screams. When we don’t listen we descend into a life of lies, pressure, slavery and we allow deep assault on our spirit. In the valley of darkness where do we find relief? Is it addiction, isolation, endless scrolling, pushing ourselves to be better and better without caring for ourselves? Where is the hope in all that? The call to adventure and healing is clear and loud – come and see a better way forward. See what the ascent to healing can be for you as we get into nature, invite the Healer in, get quiet, and listen to the teaching of God and His creation. We walk together, as safe brothers and sisters, as we release prison bonds, experience joy, gain clarity, and discover.

What’s included:

Planned Agenda: Meet at 8am, introductions, group stretch. Start the kayak adventure! Enjoy mild rapids, majestic mountains, the soothing flow of the water (paddle effort is mild when kayaking the moving river), and wild horses! Pull-off-to-the-side group hang-out discussion and seated activity (feel free to enjoy a snack). Finish our kayaking adventure and goodbyes. Life. Healing. Laugher. Emotional freedom. Direction. Connection. Purpose. What will you choose? Come be nourished with us!



Phone Number :480-414-3916

$250 (half day) / ($450 full day)

At Broken Arrow Wranglers and Shine His Light, we believe all people regardless of finances should be able to access this experience and healing. Ask us about our scholarship fund (little is need to apply and we do not scrutinize applicants).

About the host

Kaleigh is a nationally certified trauma therapist, holds her independent license, is an AZBBHE certified supervisor of associate level therapists, and obtained two master’s degrees from ASU (MSW and MPA). She is a builder and healer – spearheading the creation of supportive spaces for people to heal, grow, and shine like the incredible people they are (yes that’s you too!) Kaleigh is strong and wise, yet it is her heart that offers sacred space where people can truly be seen and heard. She certainly lives life with a big smile, humor, compassion, and a fire to serve and you can expect that when you meet her. In her spare time, Kaleigh loves nature and enjoys all the Arizona seasons. You can find her hiking, biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, skating, and being close with God. She is a part of her church community, Bible study, family support system, as well as professional and personal friendships along with a dedication to rescuing feral cats. Kaleigh is a West Virginia native where her roots go back generations. Arizona has been her home for the last 25+ years and her appreciation for the beauty of the desert continues to grow. Nature always shows and teaches her something new.


Kaleigh has walked in the fire of life’s trauma, now with total trust in the Lord and faith. She’s been on the other side of healing and also as healer with her entire career dedicated to the lost and hurting. Even though nature was her frontier, living life the world’s way got in the way and she found herself working too much, not taking care of her body, and losing sight of her power and strength as a child of God. She knows what’s it like to be wracked with anxiety, PTSD, and insecurity, uncertain of her own unique gifts and talents. But healing came in – Jesus Christ’s loving arms, a support system, advanced trauma healing therapies, and nature. That’s where Shine His Light LLC came in. Shine His Light was built a place dedicated to offering emotional freedom, healing, and self-discovery. Using the 10+ years of professional experience, and 30+ years of personal experience, Kaleigh developed Shine His Light to be a place for the lost and hurting to experience healing. Kaleigh guides people utilizing the healing experience of nature to more deeply discover each person’s unique purpose and clear out the junk that the world has thrown in.


For those of us living in the valley of darkness, whether PTSD, depression, isolation, and more, Kaleigh draws us into a place where healing and wholeness can be found. With Shine His Light LLC outdoor adventures Kaleigh spearheads into the darkness, walking (and kayaking!) together. We have fun and heal. And what we find is breathtaking!



Kaleigh has a way of opening up an adventure through interacting with nature. All the worries and concerns that are constantly on my mind faded away as I stepped into this experience. She has a way of creating communication, establishing relationship and waking us up to life and the beauty of all that is around us. Highly recommend any experience that Kaleigh guides!!